Audio Solutions for Houses of Worship

Solutions for Houses of Worship

The AV solution must create a commanding experience while being easy to manage by worship volunteers.

The audio needs to be clear throughout the sanctuary, which is often architecturally challenging for voice reinforcement.

Common AV needs at houses of worship include historic preservation, echo canceling, simultaneous uses for facilities, broadcasting to separate rooms or offsite locations, and a need for controls that anybody can operate. The audio must be clear and intelligible, ensuring that attendees hear the message clearly from anywhere in the building. Video is also increasingly used during services for several reasons—displaying song lyrics, informing parishioners of upcoming activities before and after the service, and playing videos that support the topic of conversation.  

The community aspect of worship often takes place in a separate building from the worship center. Auxiliary rooms and fellowship halls allow for greater flexibility in room configuration and event scheduling. If used for event rentals, these spaces also offer another potential source of revenue for houses of worship. One of the key contributors to entice outside interest is a robust AV system that can address several use case scenarios, such as wedding receptions, community gatherings, and ministry activities. A Networked Media System such as Tesira is ideal for this environment.

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