Courtroom Technology

Courtrooms require a high level of accuracy and clarity in all their proceedings. Audio and video quality is vital.

Tesira is an integrated platform that reliably manages the AV throughout the courtroom.

In today’s legal system, technology is a critical part of helping legal professionals do their jobs accurately and effectively. Courtrooms are often some of the most complex and demanding installations due to the variety and quality of input sources and the need for universal intelligibility, which is why they need a robust networked media system to process and distribute audio and video. 

Biamp’s value proposition for courtrooms
Quality sound is critical in courtrooms because it increases comfort and reduces stress—vital when people can be in these spaces for hours, often under great duress. Tesira offers a powerful set of tools for creating innovative and efficient AV systems, and is well-suited for unique courtroom use cases such as distance court interpretation and remote arraignment.  

Biamp's AEC technology, coupled with our deep VoIP capabilities, allow distance court interpreters to interpret  simultaneously—meaning the talker and the interpreter can speak at the same time, preserving the natural flow of the conversation—over an echo-free, natural sounding connection. This eliminates the need for the interpreter to be physically present in the courtroom, reducing costs and allowing courts of all sizes and locations to support a wider array of interpretation services.

In addition to interpretation issues, courts face a variety of challenges to their goal of meting out justice in a timely fashion. Tight budgets, an increasingly diverse population, and difficulties maintaining a secure courtroom environment are commonplace. Remote video arraignment helps mitigate some of these issues.  

Product Solutions.


Tesira works in tandem with a VoIP system to enable remote interpretation, and can also process audio and video from remote video arraignment systems to tie all the audio together. Using court recording software allows courtrooms to successfully capture court proceedings and securely archive these recordings.

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