Devio Collaboration Tool for Huddle Rooms


A simple, powerful solution for smaller spaces

  • 4 90° zones ensure everyone is heard

    90° zones ensure
    everyone is heard

  • Single Cable Connectivity

    Single Cable

  • Auto Setup optimizes levels and checks connections

    Optimizes levels
    and checks connections

  • Intelligently mixes and tracks voices around the room

    Intelligently mixes and tracks
    voices around the room


Devio is a natural extension of how people work every day. With a single USB connection, Devio connects your laptop to the technology in your collaboration space, providing instant access to the room’s displays, speakers, microphone, webcam, and other tools.

Devio’s Beamtracking™ microphones, available in both tabletop and ceiling-mounted models, track and intelligently mix conversations from around the table, allowing far-end participants to experience the meeting as it unfolds, breaking down the barriers to truly collaborative experiences.

Product Highlights.

Devio supports both a BYOD approach to huddle rooms, or connection via a dedicated in-room PC.

Conferencing Hubs

  • Work in concert with PCs running web-based conferencing solutions, including Microsoft Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams, Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts™/Google Meet, and many more.
  • Support both Windows and Mac PCs, and use standard audio drivers.
  • Support driverless, pass-through HDMI connectivity to a single in-room display, or to two monitors with USB video using DisplayLink USB graphics technology (supports Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, and 10).
  • Speaker connectivity options include HDMI audio (SCR-20 and SCR-25 only), a built-in 20W amplifier, or RCA line out.
  • Auto Setup validates device connections, adjusts room levels, and sets speaker EQ to optimize audio quality.
  • Can be monitored and managed remotely via SNMP or with the Devio System Administration Utility (SAU) software.


Beamtracking Microphones

  • BeamtrackingTM technology actively tracks and intelligently mixes conversations from around the table, allowing far-end conference participants to experience a more natural-sounding conversation.
  • Available in both tabletop and ceiling versions.
  • Multiple zones provide 360 degrees of room coverage.
  • Green/red LEDs are present on each microphone to indicate mute status.
  • Easy single-cable installation process.
  • Evaluated to the requirements of UL 2043 and is suitable for use in air handling spaces (DCM-1 and TCM-XEX only) .


Meet Devio. A versatile solution for productive meetings.

Devio comes packed with conferencing technology, doing all the work so you don’t have to. Its beamtracking microphone, available in both tabletop and ceiling-mounted models, has three 120-degree zones, providing full 360-degree coverage of the meeting space. With Devio, you can walk into your collaboration space with your laptop, plug in and start your meeting immediately.

Devio integrates video output to HDMI displays and offers USB ports for connecting to other devices (like a USB camera) providing the flexibility to create your ideal huddle room setup. The Beamtracking microphone follows the voice of the person speaking, and provides natural sound for audio and video conferences. Devio's processing abilities contain built in acoustic echo cancellation technology that cancels any echoes or unwanted noise present in the room.

Devio connects your laptop to the technology in your collaboration space, giving you instant access to the room's displays, speakers, microphones, and web camera. Devio can pass video from the connected laptop to two monitors with USB 3.0 video using DisplayLink USB graphics technology. The Devio microphone tracks and intelligently mixes conversation from around the table, allowing far-end particpants to experience the conversation in real time, as it unfolds. Biamp acoustic echo cancellation technology eliminates unwanted echo and feedback, while noise cancellation lessens the impact of background noise.

Devio Technology.

Easy AV—The way it was meant to be.

The goal of AV equipment is to help people communicate. A complicated system defeats the purpose. That’s we created Devio with simplicity in mind, making is straightforward to install, manage and control.


    Biamp has built its reputation on great sound. It’s been our business for 40+ years. Our technology allows conversation to flow naturally and be heard, whether you are communicating on a conference call, in a lecture hall, or in a courtroom.


    Beamtracking technology allows a single microphone to cover a wide area with little to no setup, since the microphone identifies and locks to a signal source—even if the person speaking is moving around.


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